Where and When to Wear Sunglasses

You may have a favorite pair of sunglasses that goes great with a certain outfit. You might also have a tendency to wear a pair of sunglasses you just got religiously...for a week. Then you never pick them up again. Sunglasses do you no good on your dresser or in the visor of your car. It is important to wear sunglasses at all the appropriate and important times.

Of course, a blanket statement is to say that all sunglasses should be worn at all times during the day. Ideally this is great, but do you know why it is more important to wear them sometimes and other times not as pertinent? There are certain high risk activities, times, and locations that warrant special sunglass consideration. If you wear sunglasses no other time, these are the most important occasions.

Summertime is the most dangerous season for your eyes. You are at least three times more likely to cause serious sun damage to your eyes in the summer than you are in the winter. This is because the sun produces three times more ultraviolet radiation in the form of UVA and UVB rays during the summer than any other season. Aside from this, there are clear and obvious reasons you would want to utilize sunglasses more in the summer than the rest of the year.

The sun is out in full force during the hot summer months, and most people like to spend their free time outside when they can. The light and heat of the midday summer sun is enough to leave anyone reaching for the SPF 45. So if you are so protective of your skin, why wouldn't you be equally concerned about your eyes? Summer is the most important time for sunglasses to be worn. Make sure you have a trusted pair of shades before hitting the beach with July.

Some medications can cause people to experience photosensitivity. This heightened sensitivity to sunlight can cause increased discomfort if sunglasses are not in place. Medications to treat psoriasis, some birth controls and even pills for skin treatment can cause photosensitivity. When this happens, you won't have to be reminded to bring the sunglasses along. The inability to open your eyes for longer than ten seconds will let you know that it is time to go shopping for shades.

Winter sports enthusiasts often forget about the importance of sunglasses. When you are sailing down the mountain with the fresh cold air in your face, it is easy to forget that the sun is alive and well here too. Although the sun may not shine as brightly or produce as much heat as other times and places, the damage it causes can be the same or worse. The white of the snow reflects the harmful rays of the sun directly into your eyes if not properly protected by sunglasses. Some people will not realize until much later that their eyes have been burned, but it is not something they will soon forget.

Water sports are another occasion in which a dependable pair of sunglasses will save much hardship. While surfing, wake boarding or water skiing, you may be aware of the sun above you. However, what may not be as prevalent is the fact that the sun is reflecting off of the water and straight into your eyes. Just as it does with snow, the sun wreaks havoc on eyes unprotected by sunglasses.

It should go without saying that sunglasses are almost always a good idea. Any daytime outdoor event is an occasion for the sun to damage your eyes if you are not wearing sunglasses. Avoid a lifetime of suffering by making the right decision now. When you're headed outside for any reason and the sun is going to be attending also, grab the sunglasses. You'll thank yourself later.


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